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My young “Kay” (not her real name) LOVES her food.  She’s a serious foodie-in-training (so proud!).  She also has quite a bit of food allergies (anaphylactic to dairy and peanuts, allergic to fish, shellfish, some tree nuts and mildly allergic to eggs and pineapples).  Being foodies ourselves, we had to reinvent the way we interact with food once she came into the picture.  We’re still learning.  But we’re definitely enjoying our discoveries together.

This blog is about her food adventures, both good and bad, from our point of view and hers, as we don’t always share the same taste in food.  Since she’s only five years old, hers will be told more in the style of a happy-tummy-ometer at the bottom of each post.

Our reviews will include our experiences in restaurants (mostly Toronto based …. eh) and yummy and not so yummy products.  We’ll also include a recipe from time to time that works for us.

Thanks for visiting this blog!

– Karen

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